About the Company

Alaska Nature Tours started in 1985 when Dan Egolf, a forester and Daniel Bertsch, a science teacher teamed up to provide tours that not only showed off the scenic beauty of the area but provided rich interpretation of the diverse flora and fauna of the Chilkat Valley.  Being one of the first eco-tour companies in Haines, we are proud of our mission to revive your sense of wonder.  We have chosen the best places to explore, work with knowledgeable, local guides, and use quality equipment to enhance your expereince. Our passion and expertise has been shared with the community of Haines and passed along to the guides that make natural history interpretation a career. Credit for the company's success goes to the innovative, creative staff Alaska Nature Tours has collaborated with over the past 36 years.

Dan Egolf
Daniel Bertsch
Dan Egolf
Daniel Bertsch
  • "The good reputation of Alaska Nature Tours has been based on things like good habitat, excellent informational guiding, love of the natural world, and an inclusive attitude towards the wild things as a whole. The little creatures matter! The fungi, squirrels, Pigeon Guillemots, the Grebe's, the occasional Red Throated Loon, the dabbling ducks, the gulls, a jumping fish, the song of a Kinglet or Varied Thrush, the wild flowers, etc. All are critical parts of the program. Their own curiosity and unabashed wonder at the natural world is the foundation of a good tour and the basic principle which has made Alaska Nature Tours successful. Carry On!
    ~ Burl Sheldon - Naturalist, musician

About Our Guides

Our guides are uniquely qualified to enhance your understanding of the natural history of Southeast Alaska in general, and the upper Lynn Canal in particular.

  • They were gracious, very knowledgeable, helpful, and funny.  They added quite a personal dimension to the experience 
    ~ Phil & Gilda Feldman       


About Our Family

Since 1980 Dan and Jo Anna Egolf have made Haines their home. They started Alaska Nature Tours 36 years ago, working from their kitchen and washing buses in the driveway.  For 33 years the company has offered shore excursions to several cruise lines. The most rewarding part of owning the business has been meeting people from all over the world and working with so many skillfull naturalists and office staff over the years. The family is especially gratefull to all who have worked to make Alaska Nature Tours and the Alaska Backcountry Outfitter a satisfying endeavor.  They also express thanks to the visitors who put Haines and Skagway on their travel itinerary.




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