Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve Tour

To witness this gathering is an experience of a lifetime!

As many as 3,500 of these magnificent raptors return each fall to feed on a unique late run of spawning salmon in the Chilkat River. Alaska Nature Tours provides guided natural history and photography tours to the "eagle council grounds". Our expedition bus serves as a warming hut, diner, and bird blind enabling you eye-to-eye views of the nation's symbol. Moose, mountain goats and a variety of birds share this winter habitat as well. The history of the preserve, wildlife behavior, special adaptations, and ecology are our specialty.

To enhance your wintertime trip, visits to the Sheldon Museum, Alaska Indian Arts, and the Alaska Bald Eagle Foundation Natural History Museum can be arranged.

Please call or email for tour rates and information.

Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Festival (November 2021 TBD)

About the Preserve

The Alaska Chilkat Bald Eagle Preserve was created by the State of Alaska in June 1982. The Preserve was established to protect and perpetuate the world's largest concentration of Bald Eagles and their critical habitat. It also sustains and protects the natural salmon runs. The Preserve consists of 48,000 acres of river bottom land of the Chilkat, Kleheni, and Tsirku Rivers. The boundaries were designated to include only areas important to eagle habitation. Virtually every portion of the preserve is used by eagles at some time during the year.