Winter Eagle Tours

Seeing thousands of bald eagles in one place is a mind blowing experience! Our guides made sure we got to all the right places in the best weather conditions for getting the shots we were after. Thank you, Dan and Jo Anna!
-- James Alborough

Guided Hikes

Scott was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic.  He challenged us with great questions on the hike.  Lunch was great and the whales showed themselves during our lunch break, which was incredible.  
-- Dieter Bublé-Schwinslow
We had two guides on this tour.  Both Judy & Don have extensive knowledge of the area.  Their diverse backgrounds bring a unique perspective to the tour.  Judy & Don have great energy, were fun to hike with and made it a pleasurable day.  Thanks!! 
-- Kenneth & Barbara Morris
Chessie was an outstanding naturalist guide, great rapport with the group and informative while being fun.  She and her co-leader gave the best shore tour we had.  I would recommend this tour to anyone who loves to hike and can walk 3 – 4 miles.  This was not too fast a pace for me and I’m 62 and not in great shape.  
-- Joseph Berkson
Interpretive commentary on the trail was excellent.  Such in-depth expertise.  We’re hikers from the southwest US (TX/N Mex) and this hike far exceeded our expectations. 
-- Henry & Jean Gill
We took the Remote Coastal Hike near Haines.  Our guides, Ray and Scott, did a fantastic job.  The area was beautiful and they both were very knowledgeable and interesting.  We had a great time.  The excursion was a great experience, and well organized. 
-- John Henderson

Nature Tours

Don & Judy were very knowledgeable on this tour.  We had the great privilege to see multitudes of bald eagles and several bears.  They told about the eco-system when we were in the rainforest.  They had multiple view finders and enough binoculars for most people on the bus.  We also enjoyed a wonderful lunch.
-- Joie Thal
Haines trip excellent.  The guides were very knowledgeable.  They provided binoculars and were well equipped.  We were able to see wildlife and learned so much.  
-- Jerry Schorn
Very knowledgeable and helpful in finding wildlife.  Pleasant to be with for the whole tour.  Both has such a wealth of information and they shared it with enthusiasm. 
-- Cheryl Krysetopa
Very knowledgeable of the wilderness, provided very informative facts and history.  Great at spotting wildlife, provided hi-powered spotting scopes for close-up viewing.  Very pleasant folks.  
-- Pam & Don Philastre
Fantastic tour, very knowledgeable guides.  We had a great time, saw lots of wildlife.
-- Victoria Campbell
Wonderful tour!  Guides were fun, interesting, and very informative.  They showed us lots of wildlife.  Best tour we took thanks to guides and cooperative wildlife.
-- Blyrone Blashington
They were gracious, very knowledgeable, helpful, funny, ~ they added quite a personal dimension to the experience. 
-- Phil & Gilda Feldman

Cruise Ship Excursions

Our guides worked hard to ensure we had a good trip.  They loaned us binoculars and fixed large scopes for us to see wildlife that we would have missed.  We saw a bear catching fish and more than 20 bald eagles.  
-- Linda & Nigel Munt
Wow!  What a great bear watching experience.  Great, knowledgeable tour guides.  
-- C. Nolan
Extremely educational and flexible!!  We were able to watch 7 bears eating salmon and many bald eagles.  Very knowledgeable guides!!!  Highly recommended.  
-- Gary Grayson
Exceptional knowledge and equipment to sight and view bald eagles and brown bear in their natural setting – up close.  We felt we know a little bit about the real Heart of Alaska.  
-- Joe Schaun
This was the best tour we ever did.  Scott & Judy are so knowledgeable and so happy to be living in Alaska.  They are extremely friendly and warm.  The nature walk they led was equal to any we’ve ever taken.  Please keep offering! 
-- Carol Conner
Don and Lindy’s enthusiasm made this a great experience.  Seeing so much wildlife (5 sightings of 3 bears & eagles) helped a lot also.  
-- Bob & Cheryl Trapp
One of the best informative and exciting wildlife tours & encounters you could ask for!
-- Steve Glenn
"Wonderful Guides. Funny and informative. Absolutely best guides and best tour itinerary. Terrific." Alix Jackman
-- Alix Jackman
Genuine guides.  Knowledgeable & passionate about wildlife.  Courteous.  Useful equipment ~ the spotting scopes made wildlife viewing much better.  Binoculars provided were also good.  The snack was a bonus.
-- Yee Whyng
This was an excellent adventure with knowledgeable guides in a relaxed atmosphere.  We saw three bears, many eagles, and the walk through the woods was deeply informative.  Had an authentic feel.
-- L. Adams
Wow!  I would recommend this activity to anyone!  All staff, both on shore and on the ferry, were knowledgeable, fun, and super patient and dedicated.  We saw eagles, seals, and a Grizzly Bear!  They all seemed to really enjoy being there with us (not just a job). Thank You!
-- Leni Hauer
Pam and Don were very friendly and accommodating.  They are both quite knowledgeable about the environment, native plants, culture, animals, birds, etc.  They were experienced with the temperaments of the bears we encountered and very protective of us, as well as the other tour bus.  We wish we had more time to spend with them.
-- DeSalvos